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Mr.Spooky banned US Scourge

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If this is miss Jedi, I dont know what their problem is. They accused me of stealing well after I had let everyone in on the joke, I was mining in snow when everyone was talking about theft and I said I was selling liberated mini's (as a joke) check the chat logs and my personal log I was mining. I have around 6 mini flairs in my shop that I bought 3 or 4 days ago from a shop that was selling them cheap. (I'll sometimes stock up because I crash a lot). I never griefed anyone and am quite flabbergasted 

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Actually, i did not even take your jest about the liberated heli needing to be fenced into consideration.  It was when i found you had successfully hijacked a completely different player's pumpjack and stolen their crude oil for your own gain that i decided to ban you for 14 days.  I pulled the logs off of the other unnamed player's pumpjack.  You also attempted to grief the other team by placing a TC near their pumpjacks, which you admitted to doing and admitted to leaving it there.  Couple that with the fact you pretended to know the other players and were just playing a game of "hide n seek" and the fact they do not know you, and that becomes attempted concealment of your attempted theft from their pumpjacks.  I doubt you noticed they had a TC buried mostly underneath one of the pumpjacks because it was dark.  I admit that even with full light, i did not notice that TC for a few moments.


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