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US-Survival Cargo Wars


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unknown.pngCargo Wars

US Survival / Saturday August 27th 9pm EST

Players from all servers are welcome, prizes given in-game can be transferred.


How will the event play out?

Two teams will go head to head in a battle to protect the precious loot that lays on the player-made cargo ship located in K27 on US-Survival. 


There will be an ENEMY team and a PROTECTOR team.


The enemy team’s goal is to steal as much loot as they can from the cargo ship, where they will come across some not so welcoming protectors who will do everything in their power to keep them from stealing their loot. That includes some sneaky booby-traps that they’ve set up throughout the ship!


It doesn’t stop there though; the losing team is not happy, not with their teammates, and DEFINITELY not with their foes


Once the teams reach shore each person is in it for themselves. They will find themselves inside castle walls where they will fight a gruesome, medieval fight. Nothing but torn clothes and a bow to keep them alive.


Only three of those will come out on top, will you be one of them?


All server rules apply for this event.



Will be handed out at the beginning of September wipe.

Winners of Cargo Takeover 

2 Supply Drops

Top 3 Medieval Survivors

1st Place - $10 RustEZ Credits

2nd Place - $5 RustEZ Credits

3rd Place - 3 Supply Drops


All build credit goes to:






And all of F.I.S.H. Fam!


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