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Ill never play this server again and I wish for a refund your admins cant even answer a simple question

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Hello Cooking Mailman,

As multiple admins have told you, you were never banned. You were muted for 24 hours. You also know why you were muted because you were warned just 5 hours prior to the mute occurring that political, controversial or racist content is not allowed within the RustEZ community. You were also informed of this via a warning when your mute was issued, through DMs and through the public RustEZ discord when you asked multiple times.

You’re more than welcome to remain on our servers so long as you follow the rules. As you already know, you’re mute has now been lifted. If you still wish for a refund, please submit a ticket at RustEZ.com/help



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you were warned along with your mute as follows 

“This warning is to inform you of a 24 hour vocal/chat mute effective immediately following the review of chat log displaying political/controversial content. This is a community server that tries to maintain a friendly/toxic-free environment. Please review the server rules before your mute expires for our guidelines on what we expect while using global chat. TY.”

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once again ... no answer!  your that bad! and you run this? wow man... never thought top would be this way.. maybe i should play some LOL or WOW just wow 30 + years I have said "spelling Nazi" and everyone got the point with out getting offended.. ARE YOU well you go FUCKING KIDDING ME! oh and you can that on your server.. it come over as are you ******* kidding me....... but if you disable the foul language it says ARE YOU FUCKING KING ME. my one real problem here is this.. is Nazi a bad word? that is party that lost herbily. its a verb.. along with everything else.. The verbiage and usage was use as a come back to some correcting my spelling.. not a reference to mass murder and oppressions to the Jews .. it was a comment made to some one else for "being that guy that always corrects someone else spelling to make them self fell better" and has been use ALOT on different plantrooms in different games.. this is were it get very compacted we tear down statues and rename schools.. if NAZI cant be said then nor ANY PERSON OF ANY PARTY BE SAID your lacking CISTANCY! I have hear way far worse things been said in chat.

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