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What is Elysium?


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Elysium is part of a series of private servers that offers players a more chill and exclusive experience or for those seeking a more challenging experience. These servers will not have any exclusive features but will differ from our existing servers in terms of what features they do or don't have.


What's a private server?

A private server is a server that's not open to the public. We achieve this by requiring an active subscription to play. The subscription is the Subscriber membership we've had for a while now.


What's the point?

If you're looking for a more quiet and tailored experience, these servers are for you. The paywall is an added layer of protection to help fight against problematic players and serves as a way to ensure your experience is as exclusive as possible.

These servers will get early access to new features. That's simply a way for us to live-test new features in a controlled environment to ensure they're absolutely ready to launch on our main servers. Outside of that, the servers will be running slightly modified features found on our live servers. They will not have any exclusive features.


How will this affect the main servers?

In short, it won't. We will not be adding any exclusive features as that would create a paywall over new content, which isn't something we're interested in. Our private servers are running on their own infrastructure to not cause any issues to our main servers, which is, and always will be, our priority.

Members of our leadership team will admin the server not to divert any resources away from our live servers. Eventually, we hope to build an independent admin team of server locals to take over the privilege of destroying their social lives.


How do I get started?

All you need is an active subscription and lowered expectations to enjoy our private servers. You can connect from the server browser or from our connect page! The amount you pledge is totally optional. As long as you have the subscription you'll be able to connect!



  • Fully custom maps every month
  • Reduced QoL features to make gameplay more challenging
  • Independent infrastructure to avoid isolated issues and optimal performance
  • Early access to new features (You'll be tricked to live test new feature for our main servers)
  • Additional overhead to allow for more lax changes that's not possible on main servers, like ridiculous animal spawns, and a crackhead amount of skins in /skin
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