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US Pure's Crazy On The Coast


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Get your building hammer ready and your scuba gear equipped for US Pure's Crazy On The Coast September's Build Contest!

US Pure is having an exclusive build contest that is limited to The US Pure community only. 


Build contest starts Sept. 1 and ends on Sept. 23  
Respond to this post with the following information: 

In-game Name:
Entry build name and grid location:
Include ONE external screenshot that includes the sign on your base.



  • All builds MUST be at least 1/2 a grid off the shoreline.
  • Max size of 8x10. Max height of 4 stories and must be a STAND ALONE build. (No bridges or multiple builds)
  • Each floor built will need to be filled with space well utilized. (No big empty spaces)
  • Any/all electrical will need to be on timers/switches.
  • At least 1 external sign that displays the base owner(s) and name of the build.
  • All contents should be locked to ensure safe tours and the prevention of sticky fingers/opportunists.

Tours, Voting & Prizes

Official Tours will be on Sept. 24 2022 @ 2:00 pm & 9:00 pm Eastern.
Official voting will be done by the staff. 
During tours players are eligible to win additional prizes.
Staff will review build entries to ensure they are within the rules and winners will be posted on Sept. 30
Any prizes won by teams will be given to the team leader to divide amongst themselves

First Place $10.00 RustEZ store credit.
Second Place $5.00 RustEZ store credit.
Third Place 2 Supply Signals.

All prizes given will be given to US Pure players for October's Wipe (Oct. 6+)

*Beware of the Cargo Ship. Admins will not be accountable/responsible for any damage or loss of base, contents or limb*
*Any Bases/Players Purged that have entered will be disqualified*


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IGN: em




lights are on an auto system that turns on at night, feel free to disable the RF reciever to turn on the lights if I am not available during tours.



battleship day 2.png

Edited by em
sign could not be read in original picture
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  • Staff

Attention Attention Attention!  US Pure Crazy On the Coast Tour Times

Tours Will Be On Saturday September 24th @ 2:00pm & 9:00pm Eastern. 
We will meet 15 minutes Prior to the start time In RustEZ's Discord in the US Pure channel.

Any contestant unable to login during our tour times please secure your belongings & have your entry build open so we can admire the insides and outsides freely and securely and without worry. TY 

If anyone has any questions regarding the event tours please feel free to contact one of our US Pure staff.

Winners will  be posted here on September 30 2022. All prizes will be given next wipe.

Good Luck Everyone!

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US Pure - Crazy On The Coast Contest Winners

The contest was a challenging success!  The builds were unique and really showed the time, thought and creativity players put into it. 
The tours we had showed the creativity of our participants. We appreciated and enjoyed looking at each of the builds. 
Congratulations to all of our 
Crazy On The Coast participants. 



1st Place  - brad & taylor 
2nd Place - em 
3rd Place  - Galaxy Cake 

Contestants & Tour Participants:

brivis22 - Ocean's Escape, em - battleship, GalaxyCake - The Neon Aquarium, taylor/brad - RustEZ Marina, Lord Mcguffin - GUFF's Resort
Net-Viper X - Fort Sea Cow
BlackH@wk, Foxinator, koys, Misanthrope, Orangella


All contest, tour and participant prizes will be given out next wipe on US Pure.


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