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nate ban appeal

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Good morning/afternoon/evening RustEZ. I was auto-banned for server language. I created a car key for my buddy - and let me preface this with WE ARE HOMOSEXUALS - and so I named the car key "f****t access key" (yeah...). I know this language can be offensive, and it has in fact been used to offend me in the past, but it wasn't going into chat and would only have been seen by my good friend who knows we're only joking and wouldn't find it upsetting. (whats the good of getting called something all your life if you cant joke about it)


I know this sounds lame, but I didn't know this would be an automatic permanent ban for giving a key w/ note with this language to my friend. I also understand that if I were to be calling anyone else this it would without a doubt deserve a permanent ban. I'd hate to be called that by anyone, which is why I didn't use chat to convey this message to my friend. 

If we need to call my friend to the witness stand, I can subpoena him.


Again, I apologize.


Yours truly,


p.s. i can post my grindr profile if you need any further evidence of homosexuality

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Thank you for appealing. We do not lift bans for language which has only one meaning, that being purposefully racist or severely derogatory. 

While we do understand that this language permeates music, comedy, movies, and other media, it is something we do not feel is appropriate to have in our servers.

Pejorative terms and derogatory words such as what was used on your account, are not welcome in any context. This includes in global chat, on signs, and written on notes or sleeping bags.

The ban will not be lifted.

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