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Confused.. Why was I banned ?

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@(US) Scourge

I was Showing my son my snowman collection from the store...then Rose dropped in telling me I had to many decorations and lights ? and that people were complaining of lag. I was unaware there was a limit on decorations ,. she explained nothing to me,. I have three people watching me play and while in the process of removing said items. I was given an in-game warning witch didn't let me move. Then out of no where I was kicked and banned ? I wasnt even given Five minutes to clean up.

I'm very confused and previous wipes I'v have multiple admins drop by my bases and give me complements. I'm sorry If I stepped on someone's toes or it was just someone's bad day, but I rarly play this server / game anymore ,. and now I cant play for three days ?


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Thank you for appealing, BlastinPanda.

After going through some other logs, i have found that you were provoked.  However, in the future, please do not place so many entities in close proximity to popular destinations like Bandit Camp, Outpost, the quarries, or giant excavator.  The density of entities caused another player to lose their minicopter.  There were many complaints about the lag coming from your base.

Your ban is lifted.


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