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(AU) Scourge, prepare for Rocket Towers!!

Princess Angie

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It's end of wipe weekend, so time to have some explosive fun on AU Scourge!



7PM Saturday AEST

Each team will have a few minutes to get to their side, climb one of their four towers, and load your launchers.
When everyone is ready, fireworks will be set off in the middle to signify it's launching time.
Players must then shoot through the wall of doors to reveal the other teams towers, and keep firing until the towers are destroyed!
The game ends when all players from a team are either on the ground, or all 4 towers have been leveled.
But be warned: be careful where you stand! That's only twig supports designed to knock out the floor below you!



Winning team will receive 3 supply signals for next wipe, and bragging rights that they're better with a launcher.

As with ALL events on ALL servers, the RustEZ rules must be followed, and any rules set by admins. Come join us for some fun!

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