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Player protection for Pure


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This would greatly reduce the need for an admin to be involved in theft from bases and players. Maybe we'd also see less objects being built around large furnaces and refineries. I don't know about this wipe as I haven't been on Pure a lot, but on the last ones the admin activity on EU Pure has been extremely low due to beeing busy in their real lives which is understandable of course. The protection policy would benefit [almost] everyone. 

The only downside I see is helping other players get their items back from places they cannot get to anymore themselves. There have been multiple instances where we have retrieved loot from players who have gone underground or oil, died multiple times untill they had to log off, so we have retrieved and stored those items until a player gets back online. This however happens very rarely. Stolen items ... well ... might as well happen multiple times per day.

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Will that mean the end of the REC? Or any other public build where you can take from "free" boxes or fridges? a3's mazes wouldn't work anymore?

I once built an escape room where players had to look for clues in some of the rooms. Could be hidden in a small furnace or box, etc.

Would it be possible to do it just for furnaces, refineries, helis, stuff like that?

It would be a shame to lose all that and the ability to pick up someone's items to help out. It's all good community stuff after all.

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