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AU Pure Wildlife Photo Competition


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Get your Instant Camera ready for AU Pure's Wildlife Photo Competition!

AU Pure is having an exclusive photo contest that is limited to photos taken on AU Pure server only.  


Competition starts 9 Oct and ends on Sunday 16 October 1pm  
Submit your photo(s) with your name at the Dropbox R17 - Hazmat Exchange shop. 


Max 2 photos per player so pick your best ones  

All animals are acceptable, alive or in the eternal sleep

Might be bonus prize for a 'Postanou in the wild' picture


Tours, Voting & Prizes

Entrants will be displayed at R17 publicly
AU Pure admins will vote for the winners

First Place 3 Supply Signals
Second Place 2 Supply Signals
Third Place 1 Supply Signal

All prizes given will be given to AU Pure players by 17 October.  Arrangements will be made for sister servers as soon as practical.




1st Prize : tinychikn


2nd Prize: WEM


3rd Prize Draw: Flynny, Bradley and Spiny





CONGRATULATIONS and a big thank you to everyone that participated!! Gallery will remain at R17 until end of wipe.

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