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Hello Im Make ban for raiding. Im Apel it for reason.

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1 not make anything by me in the game one player coming to me and get me the item 

2 have all clipt for this the user com to mi and ofensen me with the speak (fucking you) fucking albania) and more of thes.

3 All make by me is come to one mision with this friend and on this mision come and oe other player this killing by the mision bot and my friend pickup the intem of this player 

this player write in  the chat give my ammo i telling it the cordinats to get back it not coming, after this this user follow me and shoting my helicopter and killing me and my friend 

all the game play is whith video im livestreamer and sent here the link of video .

https://trovo.live/s/RildoGaming/549774185309?vid=ltv-104539875_104539875_387702306949531529    this is the link from the frist to the finish game.


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This is a peacefull PVE server, there are rules. 

No LOOTING other players, no STEALING from other players, which all you did. Hitting other player mini's, stealing other players mini's, looting their bodies, getting into other bases and looting scrap from research tables, looting furnaces. None of that is OK. This is exactly the type of server people come to when they don't want to play together with guys like you.

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