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Store update and coupons!


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We've updated our store to include new items, refreshed product thumbnails, updated currency conversions and now with EUR currency support to pass conversion fees over to our side!


As an apology for recent server issues, and the delay in applying the Christmas update, we've added a new coupon to give all players $5 off on their purchase. Also as a thank you sticking with us for all these years and in the spirit of Rustmas we've added another coupon to give all players a free supply signal. Both coupons can be used at the same time and are valid thru Jan 1st. ❤️

Use promo sorry for $5 off your order
Use promo rustmas for a free supply signal. (Need to add it to your cart.)

Updated Currency Conversion

We went through the entire store to ensure all of our supported currencies are using the most updated conversion to ensure all of our store items are priced correctly.

We now accept EUR

Our store now officially accepts currency in EUR to eliminate conversion fees for our European players. This also allows you to select the EUR currency to display prices in your local currency.

Cleaned up the store

All of our item thumbnails have been updated to better reflect the in-game item and make browsing the store easier on the eyes. We were able to replace all of the old placeholder icons of non-released items with icons that represent the actual in-game item!

New Store Items

While some lesser desired items were removed, we've replaced them with brand-new cosmetic items for players to enjoy or troll their friends with. You can find these items on our store!

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12 hours ago, Cynical said:

Thank you!  (didn't work for me but I appreciate the effort... apparently if you enter the promo code and then add another item, the code is considered "used", even if you didn't check out).

Sounds like you created a new order. Go into https://rustez.com/clients/orders/ and cancel the pending order so you can free up that coupon. 🙂

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