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Our switch to Carbon


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Sometime during the May wipe, we'll be switching our servers from Oxide over to Carbon, a modding framework we've been working on to achieve better performance and stability running rust pluginsThis does not require a wipe.

Carbon will greatly improve server performance by leveraging the latest C# libraries, runtime patching, and dynamic hooks to reduce the number of redundant method calls which will not only greatly improve server performance but allow us to scale our AI to be more complex without the fear of degradation.

During this process, we'll be rewriting all of our plugins to utilize the latest improvements offered in C#11 and the built-in systems Carbon provides to implement features more efficiently and, most importantly, more reliably.


We understand the vast majority of you may not understand any of this, nor the implications of the switch. So to make it easier, everything mentioned above will greatly improve server performance and reliability and allow us to implement more complex features and mechanics down the road.

We'll also be rewriting our existing plugins utilizing all of the advantages mentioned above to improve server performance further.

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4 minutes ago, teterine said:

Hello! Will the servers wipe during the switch to Carbon?

No, it will be switched during the server's normal maintenance window and take about 10 minutes. It'll be seamless! We're currently live testing it on our Elysium server.

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