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US Scourge Ban - Jimbo

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Offender: Jimbo (Steam ID) (Battlemetrics ID)
Server: US Scourge
Time: 6:19 PM CST, 5/7/2023
Length: Permanent barring successful appeal
Reason: Player harassment
More Info:

Player stole a horse, initially claiming that he found it, then claiming it was given to him while not being able to remember who did so.  After being warned, player dismounted and left the horse to its rightful owner.

Afterwards, player went to the same horse and attempted repeatedly to kill it with a pick.  At this point the player was kicked for player harassment and moved back to the starting area ("spawn beach").

The player returned to the server and made his way to the same team he had harassed previously.  He offered to buy the same horse, and the team demanded 700 scrap.  The player claimed he had the scrap (he did not), and jumped onto the team's train to attempt to pay with 600 metal ore instead.  The team refused his offer, and he refused to leave the train on request, claiming that he was hitchhiking.

Given the multiple infractions, his focused harassment of the same team of players, and no apparent intention of changing his ways, a permanent ban has been issued.  We wish you luck on your future Rust endeavors.

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