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US Scourge Ban - OsamaBeenMobbin

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Offender: OsamaBeenMobbin (Steam ID) (Battlemetrics ID)
Server: US Scourge
Time: 11:40 PM CST, 5/7/2023
Length: Permanent barring successful appeal
Reason: Player harassment
More Info:

Offender had been warned by leadership last month to not steal items from other players.  After being warned, the player proceeded to attempt to steal multiple times, but was stymied by US Scourge's antitheft addons.

This month, the offender was warned not to encircle other player's builds.

We were later brought to a different player's base, who accused the offender of guessing his code lock (he had used the "funny number") and changing all of his codes.  Unfortunately, the accuser had replaced all locks, so we could not determine if the accusation had merit.  The offender proceeded to show multiple instances of player disrespect in voice chat, and was given a kick in the hopes he would reform.

The offender returned to the server, went back to the accuser's base, and proceeded to try to destroy the accuser's mini-copter.  Administration confronted the offender while in the act of trying to destroy said mini-copter.  He claimed the mini-copter was his despite not being able to mount the pilot's seat (and the accuser was able to pick up the mini-copter via salvaged hammer).

Given the multiple infractions and no apparent intention of changing his ways, a permanent ban has been issued.  We wish you luck on your future Rust endeavors.

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