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Reason for Being banned

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ok tried logging to au survival and showed i was banned. I would like  why. I have been on these servers since 2017 and been buying stuff in your stores since. I did have a issue with a admin and requested info on transferringitems i bought from store to another server and got no reponse. So I would like to see Who I disrespected and how. I hardly comunicate with people on the server and mostly stay to myself.  


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Hi The.Demon.Grim

The decision to issue a ban was not taken lightly. It was the result of a careful evaluation of your behavior and actions on our servers, including discussions with other members of Leadership. It was found that you had engaged in repeated instances of player disrespect, which manifested into toxic arguments in global chat. Furthermore, your recent behavior is what ultimately brought us to the conclusion that you are not adjusting your behavior to fit in with our community.  

Regarding the specific incident of player disrespect that led to your ban, our investigation revealed that you engaged in a personal attack on another player in global chat. It is important to note that the target of your attack has to this day never logged into the server you described during the altercation, nor had they even joined the EZ community at that point. This false accusation violated our server rules, which prohibit any form of player disrespect or harassment, in this case by naming a specific player and telling everyone they were the reason you gave up your role. 

However, that alone is not what led to the ban, your ban was implemented due to multiple instances of player disrespect, including engaging in toxic arguments in global chat over the last 12 months and recently griefing another player's building. These actions were in clear violation of our server rules, which aim to foster a respectful and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. 

We take these matters seriously as they not only create a toxic atmosphere but also harm the overall gaming experience for our community members. Our primary goal is to foster a positive and inclusive environment where all players can enjoy the game without fear of personal attacks or false accusations. 

We encourage you to reflect on your past interactions and consider their impact on others within the community. While we acknowledge your long-standing presence on our servers and your support through store purchases, it is crucial for us to maintain consistency in enforcing our rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable environment for all players. We understand that this outcome may be disappointing for you, but it is crucial for us to maintain the integrity of our community and ensure the best possible experience for all players. 

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Ok then at this point I would like a minimum of 50 percent of my store purchases for this wipe refunded. It is only fair since I can not use them anymore and we are at 1/2 way point for the wipe. Also find it very interesting since in the past 12 months I have only been on Au survival for 2 wipes and Au scourge for 1 and was admin on another server most of the year. There was a good 3 to 6 month break from ez servers and most times I don't talk in chat. Well it is what it is. Oh and others even told Roz leave it alone he kept pushing a issue. Bad when players have to tell your admin that they are pushing it. 

To clear the air on another thing I'm not disappointed at all. If anything I could careless about being banned only concern is the money wasted. In the end it won't effect me in the slightest... Also means I can post the videos I have made on builds and other stuff done since I was banned from the community.....  Cheers

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