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Farm Base Giveaway.


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This might be a bit of a strange thing to do, but whatever. ¯\ (ツ)/¯

I have an all-wood farm base to give away on US Scourge. It's a turn-key operation with 128 large planters, and all lighting, pumps, sprinklers and heaters installed. It is powered by solar and has 8 large batteries to provide power. There is an industrial conveyor hooked to the tool cupboard and a large box nearby that contains enough wood for the rest of the wipe (11 days at this point)

You plant your clones (a perfect hemp clone is included), then flip the three switches, and in about two hours, come back to a full crop with maximum yield.

The base has four floors with 32 large planters per floor. So planting the first floor with clones (288 clones) then taking them as clones makes the perfect amount for the full base (1152 clones).

The yield for the full setup is 80,640 cloth per crop cycle (which is about 10,483 net worth when sold to the shop)

Here are some images:






Reply to this post if you're interested.

Happy farming!

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