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Just wanted to know what others do , regards to spawning in after a full wipe, how are your priorities , what you need to do first etc? farm? base ?  How do you all schedule your time for what you do just spawning into a new wipe? like what to do in the first hours --1-4 hours then like in the next 5-8 hours , do you all have targets what you need to get done ? would appreciate any help in organising my time or setting goals ... Thanks 

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Sorta helps to look at preview map, plan on where u want to build and where the free TP  spots are, Outpost, Bandit, HQM, Sulfur and Stone Quarry are free to TP . If your trying to build up networth, sorta build main base with-in running distance of one of theses area's. Then work the roads for crates, zombies and barrels for loot. Then as you get used to where every thing is at, move out onto the map. You got entire month to sorta explore and get the feel of how things operate, plus most players here will help out.


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Usually, first thing I do is check the map and see where I am. Based on that, I try to move closer to an area which has a decent amount of stone, metal, sulfur nodes and a supermarket/gas station/ or  small monument, which could bring some extra resources.

On my way to said location I start gathering some wood and stone. When I get there, I try to find a patch of flat surface and proceed to build the ground floor + 1st floor. If possible, I'll upgrade the ground floor to at least wood.

Overall, this happens roughly in 2 hours.


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