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This guy needs to be put down.

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Ok so this started yesterday this person has been harassing the entire server being very toxic saying things that kids normally do when they got on a game and don't care about the consequences. I dont wana repeat half the crap so. I said something to him earlier today i said an aattitude like that will get you basically no where in life. At the time he was inside a players base and would not leave he was asked multiple times then started trash talking the guy who was asking calling him names and such. Anyways then he turns his attention to me and has been spamming me saying some really pretty stuff but yea. I went ahead and took 2 snap shots of his one comment then the one following. We as a server dont need this type of harassment Please help. His Name is Bartholomewoctavioustinklefart. Screenshot(4).thumb.png.23f111284c8e212cc972d8451846703f.pngScreenshot(3).thumb.png.a2a2ba946f494918bdb402d771291abc.png

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