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Cost Net Worth to add community skins to the skinbox


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Instead of trying to load all community skins, maybe we should have people be able to add a skin by using their net worth to purchase them for use.

So when you purchase a skin, a popup comes up and asks for the skin id. They can then use that ID to add in a skin for use (either RustEZ wide or server wide). If server wide is available, then prices can be set so that it makes sense for the server (survival costs more than pure).

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  • Staff

I'm all for net worth being used to buy skins, I personally would like to see both official and community skins cost something to use net worth up and then reset it every wipe. I know by having them all listed in game is convenient and easy for players to access but having a system like you mentioned by browsing the workshop, getting the ID and entering it into a GUI will eliminate most of the junk skins.

For workshop skins if someone adds a skin then it could stay in the database for 3 months, if that skin doesn't get purchased again within that 3 months then its removed from the database until its added again. I believe this will keep the popular skins in the database and keep loaded skins at a reasonable level.

Released skins can remain in the database but as mentioned should also cost some net worth to unlock them for use.

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