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How does Death plan to deal with the Nexus system when it is added?


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I didn't see a good place to ask this, so here it is. Death, feel free to ignore this entirely if you haven't decided or don't want to answer. 🙂

The Nexus system is being worked on and may make it's apperance in a few months. It seems like it will allow server owners to connect multiple servers together via a ferry terminal system that players can board, pay a fare and arrive at the connected server. The ability to bring vehicles onto the ferry seems a likely feature. But for server owners as concerned with balance as Death clearly is, I wonder how, or if the system will be implemented at all on RustEZ servers.

Specifically, it seems like it would allow someone to start on one server, fill their inventory and the storage modules on a vehicle with materials, and go to another server with a giant head-start.

Are there any preliminary thoughts about how or if this system will be implemented? It is almost certain to be an opt-in feature.

Curiously yours;


This video is a year old and is of a plugin that someone designed. Looks like Facepunch decided it was a good idea and is going to implement it. This is what it might look like in action.


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As Tahaw has mentioned it would make sense that transfers would be like for like. If implemented the biggest advantage would be to easily transfer when server pops are higher on one or two of the servers effectively balancing populations across the 3 regions. This also gives players opportunities to experience other regions communities and events.


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