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Got rage banned by an admin who couldnt take a joke, and then the admin took out of context messages in chat to use for the ban which were completely unrelated to the real reason I got banned. I was banned for standing in front of the admin playing music on a boombox while they gambled. Pretty much in short I got permanently banned for trolling and the 5 minutes of trolling hurt the admins ego so badly that they power tripped and banned me because they were fed up and weak minded

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Hello TuvCai,

     I'm the Head Admin of US Survival. Where your ban originated from. Since you are blaming an admin for your ban i will take them out of the equation in your appeal and will handle the ban appeal directly.

Your original ban post is here:


I pulled up and read that nights log file and went through line by line. You were clearly trying to troll and harass another player.

I can see you were asked to stop multiple times by different players.






One even tried to bribe you with scrap to leave.


There was an F7 report about harassment filed on you after from another player at the situation.


This whole thing did not last 5 minutes like you claim and was a total of 20 minutes when you started to harass them. 9:16pm to 9:36pm PST.




Based on all of the above the ban will stay for harassment.

It did not matter that it was an Admin that you directed your Harassment towards. If it was a normal player the same rules would apply and it would of been handled the same way. Rule 2 on Rustez Servers is No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, racism, or harassment.. You accepted these rules when you joined the server. It's displayed on the info page before joining. It's on the Popup page when you first log on. It's easily obtained by typing /rules. Yet you chose to ignore these and the many telling you to stop.

I hope you find a server more in line with your play style.






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