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Hi my name is Mutt

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Hello I was recently banned on US Scourge and after some reflection I would like to appeal my ban today. After thinking about it had I really had a moment of bad judgement and decided to name my sleeping bag the N word. I don't know what caused me to think that that would be acceptable at all I should've not done it all. My Grandma died recently and i wanted to try to get my mind of f of her passing. her name was Michael Carrey Mitchell if you were curious she always made the sweetest cookies you would ever eat. she always called me her little nigger and im just so used to the term i guess I'm desensitized. she would always kiss me on the forehead when i would get tucked into bed and she would call me her little nigger. I dont want to be rude but i work for facepunch and im considering talking to the big man garry himself about shutting this server down because i felt like i got unjustly banned....


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