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How to use Pure Wood Tea and Salvaged Axe to squeeze more wood per trip into your inventory.


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Not sure if players of Pure (it only works on servers without large stack sizes) know about this, so I'm going to share it.

When you use Pure Wood Tea, you get 3,000 wood from a tree you would usually get 1,000 wood from. Such trees are the grey ones that look like elephant legs (pictured below) and the tall dead-looking trees.


This fills your inventory up fairly quickly. If your base is any distance from a forested area, you can make a few trips while the Pure Wood Tea lasts, especially if you use a vehicle or minicopter.

I discovered a way to make my inventory hold more wood before I need to return to base to empty it and go for another trip.

Before I start swinging at the tree, I instead hit a fallen log a few times until I have just under 500 wood. This is important because if there is a stack with 500 wood, there will still be a stack with 500 wood after you fell the tree. But if you take one wood from the stack (so 499) instead of getting three stacks of 1,000, you get two of 1,000 and one of 1,499.


And these larger stacks go into a large chest while maintaining their quantity.


So if you first make sure to have one stack with 499 (or less, up to you) of wood, you can increase the amount of wood you take back to base each trip by a few thousand per trip and squeeze a bit more wood into your large wooden chests.

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I should add that you need to throw excess wood onto the ground so you have only one stack of 499 and no other short stacks. Then when you've cut down the tree, pick up what you threw on the ground again and add to it to make up the next 499 stack.

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You know about TC craft stacking as well?

You can craft a TC and it pulls 1000 wood out of your inventory it takes 30sec to craft and you can stack upto 80 crafting in the crafting queue. (thats 80000 wood moved to the crafting queue). 

Then just promote the next TC in the crafting queue to reset the timer and not craft the TC before the timer runs out. Continue cutting down trees and adding to the queue to maximise the wood your holding. Once you get used to it, it become second nature when woodcutting.

Then go back to base and cancel all the crafting to return all the wood back to your inventory, or /kill to throw it everywhere in the base and make it your teammates problem 🙂

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