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US Scourge Ban - Colonizer

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Offender: Colonizer (Steam ID) (Battlemetrics ID)
Server: US Scourge
Time: 10:46 PM CST, 7/2/2023
Length: Permanent barring successful appeal
Reason: Griefing and player harassment
More Info:

Player was asked by another player to stop playing a guitar around them on the complaining player's base.  Player refused to stop after a verbal warning, so I kicked them from the server and moved them back to "spawn beach".

Player proceeded to log back in and return to the base in question.  They picked some corn from the base's open farm, entered the base, and left.

Player then found an owned minicopter, and proceeded to push it away from the owner's base.  I asked them what they were doing, and received a blank note on the ground in response.  After showing that notes could be written on, and asked again what they were doing, player continued to push the minicopter.

Based on responses in global chat, player understood what was being said in both global and verbal chat, and showed no intentions of changing their ways.  A permanent ban has been issued.  We wish you luck on your future Rust endeavors.

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