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There is an idea to make a new server without pumpjacks and quarries for a well-thought-out economy where it would make sense to trade. for example, grow berries and sell tea. Make a pvp zone so that it is not boring

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The plan is to move our Pure servers back to the community server list and by doing that it will go back to its raw PvE form. Information sessions on progress are held on our discord so please make sure to watch the #announcements and #alerts channels for updates regarding these changes.

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As it stand now Pure is a fun and unique server that stands apart from other pve servers. If it's stripped down to a generic pve server it will be no different than dozens of other pve servers, and that would be a sad end for such a wonderful server and great community.

Adding fun things to do mid and end wipe would seem an effective way to keep people around, like player hosted events or destructible bases that could be attacked by others as an example. Imagine a player built base that has a crate deep inside it containing some valuable items. The builders then garrison the base with hostile npcs and have a setting on the TC to make it so attacking players could damage the structure and fight their way in to the treasure box. You could even have an option on the TC to activate pvp within its radius so players could both attack and defend the structure. A special event TC could be used for these purposes with a player only being able to produce a single TC of this type at a time, and having a greatly reduced radius in order to prevent griefing.

Even having the Bradley IFV street patrols occur earlier in the wipe perhaps with increasing frequency could add to the action mid and late wipe. In order to prevent it from negatively impacting players who dont wish to get involved in such a thing, the tank could could be set to only be aggressive towards players that fire upon it or get too close. Maybe even handle it like the attack helicopter so it only attacks people if they have a weapon equipped and armor on.

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