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Img hosting on Ez for /SIL links.


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Seems img hosting companies like IMGUR have gone insane and are not allowing us to link images here anymore. And as an Australian I can't even make an IMGUR account (for some reason, wtf?), so I always linked free there to make /sil.  And other alternatives that ive found are a poor substitute, like only offering low res versions to be linked unless you pay what i consider an absurd amount of money for image hosting each year. So i would love it if EZ had image hosting for us to add links for /SIL. Just a super simple interface, drag and drop and spits out a link, img database wipes every wipe, you could even tie it to VIP or sub to stop outside abuse and adds another reason to upgrade, or even have a certain data size limit for each account for those who reuse images every single wipe. 

Something to consider 🙂 Thanks for listening.


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