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Someone stole 250-300k Scrap From my base

Clint Westwood

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Logged in yesterday, did my dailies and such, sold all my HQM and went to put it in my scrap chest in my room (that has a different code than the rest of my base) and all 4 boxes were gone along with my scrap, M2s and L9s. Meatvirus tried his best to help but with no other admins on he couldn't get help or find out who accessed my room.

I would have gone through Discord but i'm banned from there for ???????? Reason.

Any help would be awesome cause that was 18 days of saving scrap.

My base is AB23 All black shipping cont.


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  • Staff

If you are placing scrap into loot boxes do make sure you are the one putting them down (the boxes) as they can be caught out by the inactivity purge if another player places them and their items are removed. I understand you had plans for the scrap and that is most unfortunate, sorry for the loss.

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