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Vehicles No Take Damage


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Wondering if there's a plan in the pipeline to make player's cars to not take dmg?

My teammate was tabbed out and when he tabbed back in he accidentally destroyed another player's car because he left clicked on his game screen and shot a rocket. The player's car had 2 storage modules full of loot and it caused us a headache to convince them it was an accident.

It would be really nice if this could be done so other people's cars cannot be destroyed by rockets... 


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I would also like to see this. I'd like to be able to leave a camper at locations to use as a spawn point. I've left my camper at GE on US-Scourge last night, and logged in the next day to find it 2 squares away and badly damaged. I repaired it and put it back close to GE again, logged off and took a nap, came back a few hours later and it had been pushed another square away and badly damaged again, this time to the point where the lock was gone. I had an admin look into it. Nothing could be found in the logs on the vehicle or it's storage, but nothing was stolen anyways.. I guess somebody has been pushing it around with another vehicle.

Tonight I think I'll try to keep a lookout on it. I've repaired it, put an armored cab on it, and wedged it into a spot I'm hoping it should be pretty difficult for it to get pushed around at least.

I was advised to keep it inside a base and on a lift, but then that defeats the purpose of having the camper in the first place. Or use a sedan, which can't be damaged. I have one, but I can't use that as a spawn point, or extra storage. Maybe if the sedans had beds in the back seat, and storage in the trunk. Is that even possible with a server mod?

I suppose if it gets destroyed by a rocket or something, then it's no loss to me, because if I can't use it as a remote spawn point at monuments, then I have no other real use for it. I don't need it for transport since I have the sedan, and I'm a pretty good copter pilot too. I only have the sedan as a flex I guess.

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Cars take too much damage from everything and anything anyway. I feel like that's a huge reason why many people avoid them, also engine parts have their own durability which makes it suck even more. It's just so complex to upkeep compared to a tug or a mini.

I feel like at least here that could be improved with an all-round reduction to decay and damage on cars, and bonus point for making powered car lifts slowly repair cars just like how upkeep repairs a base.

oh btw I understood from the get-go that Ezza destroying it was an accident, it was just late and I wasn't thrilled for having to spend half an hour to fix something that's someone's reckless mistake. Being sleep deprived for the past month probably didn't help my tone either which is probably where the most of misunderstanding came from, there was no hard feelings.

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