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Shared BPs


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I'm playing together with a friend this weekend, and it's somewhat of a hassle to either research everything twice for the both of us, or have one person learn all BPs and be the dedicated Crafter.

Hence this suggestion: Shared BPs. Could either work by sharing them across the team functionality of Rust itself, or maybe via Clan feature (Clan Tables in Bandit Camp and Outpost). That way either person can learn a BP, and all players within the same group get access to that craft, eliminating the duplicate cost of research.

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Just my perspective as a someone who mainly solo's. Not sure if I see a problem that needs a solution.

Two people really should be able to get around twice the scrap of a solo.

You can do the more difficult monuments more safely.

You have 2 inventories which allows you to stack components more efficiently

Two people have access to 6 public pumpjacks and 2 HQM quarries between them. That's 8640 HQM every 24hrs = 17280 scrap a day.

I personally feel that if it isn't about avoiding paying the scrap and it's about convenience then this system should include BP scrap costs increased by the number of team members.

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