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US Survival Halloween build contest!


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 Get your build hammers out and pumpkins on! We're hosting a US Survival Community Halloween build contest for all players. Build an original spooky, Halloween-themed space on the server and enter to win prizes for next wipe (November)! 

The build must be a stand-alone single detached Halloween-themed build (no towns/villages/bridges to ensure an enjoyable event experience for all) and contain a minimum of 5 different Halloween items obtained during wipe.

To enter, reply to this forum thread and include:

-Your in-game name (i.e. PEACH)

-The name of your build (i.e. OG Nova Spookie Asylum)

-The Map Grid ID of your build (i.e. F13)

Maximum of 2 screenshots of your build: One screenshot of the front, one interior/other screenshot of your choice

Once you have posted your entry here, contact an admin in game for your build contest package (a few helpful Halloween items).  Post early so we can follow your progress! You may edit your post later to update the screenshots.

Builds must be posted here by midnight (ET) Friday, October 27, 2023.

Build contest ends later this wipe to ensure players have time to decorate their builds after the official Halloween update.  Unfortunately, this doesn't leave much time to plan our Build Tour event. Admins will do their best to host server events (Oct 28-31) so participants can offer tours of their build. This post will be updated to include events and times to meet.

EDIT: Tour will start after trick or treat event 10/30 at 8pm EST.

Winners will be chosen by US Survival admins and a separate players choice vote.

1st place: $10 RustEZ store credit

2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit

3rd place: 3x supply signals


1st place: Key and Oz

2nd place: The Trickster's Wife

3rd place: NonToxicWaste

Players Choice: BOTs_King_Papa

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