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Adding Tier 1 Workbenchs on Monuments


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I request the consideration of adding Tier 1 Workbenches to locations such as Oxum Gas Station, Supermarket, and Mining Outpost. Since Outpost and Bandit Camp already have them, having Tier 1 Workbenches in places like Oxum Gas Station would make the initial gameplay experience more convenient for players.

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  • Staff

In my opinion I don't think it's necessary as it gives a player a destination to travel to and would only be an issue on our Pure servers that don't have the ability to teleport to Outpost or Bandit. Also from my time on all 3 server types I see players create their own little rest hubs outside their builds where they share T1,T2,T3 and other benches for the community to use so it might be worth looking out for them.

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