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Rustmas Build Contest - 2023


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RustEZ is hosting a Rustmas Build Contest for players on all RustEZ servers. Build an original holiday-themed place and enter to win RustEZ store credits for next wipe!


Build Requirements

The Rustmas build must be:

•             Build size consisting of a maximum of 20 foundations. You may also include a ground-level attached deck area (up to 10 foundations, not enclosed) and use the ground space around your build for Rustmas decorations.

•              Use at least 5 different Rustmas holiday items in the build.

•              You must have at least 1 Christmas Tree with all 7 decorations.


How to Enter

Enter one of your holiday builds that meet the requirements above. Reply to this forum thread and provide the following details by. Inactivity purged builds and decayed builds before tour date, will be disqualified

•              Your in-game name (note if you're an admin)

•              The server your Rustmas build entry is on (i.e. AU-Survival, EU-Pure, US-Scourge and so on)

•              The map grid ID location of the build

•              Max 2 screenshots: One showing the front of the build and one interior screenshot.

Builds must be posted here by :

•              UTC 29 December 12pm

•              EST 29 December 7am

•              AEST 29 December 10pm



You asked – We listened!! Based on all your valuable feedback from previous build competitions, prizes will be awarded on a per server basis!


1st Place:  $10 RustEZ Store Credit OR 3 Golden Eggs + 1 Test Generator
2nd Place: $5 RustEZ Store Credit OR 2 Golden Eggs
3rd Place:  3x supply Signals


Winners will be chosen by your server admins.

Admins may enter the competition, use of admin tools is allowed. Admin build contest will be decided by a community poll.


**All Prizes will be given for January's Wipe**


Build Tour Events

We will hold a tour event/s, with times TBC – stay tuned!!


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