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Toxic server and get your stuff stolen on PVE


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Played on the PVE server for 2 days - first night a few things went missing. Second night someone came in and took everything. They would have had to ladder up the walls. We regularly saw unsecured bases or people asleep and didn't take anything. DO NOT play on this server if you want a relaxing PVE experience. When I reported in chat that this had happened just got a load of toxic replies. Never again.

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i am really sorry you had to experience this on one of our servers. usually if you go on discord and ask for staff assistance we  help to   ensure a nice experience on our servers. but keep in mind, rust is built for pvp. you need to protect yourself to a certain degree in locking your tc/boxes/doors and apply at least some windowbars to prevent others gaining acess to your base or body .

if you experience anything like this in the future, please give staff  of your server a headsup so they can take actions and enforce and uphold the rules.

~Fly of [EU] Pure

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The EZ community is wonderful. I've never seen a more helpful and positive community anywhere. And yes it's inevitable that you will get bad or toxic ppl come through now and then but you have the ability to mute rude or toxic people to stop being bothered by them, and trust me, trouble makers do not last long on EZ. We have the best admins in the world here. I'm not just saying that, I've been around, it's true. I call EZ "Rust paradise" because of them. And remember this game is designed to be about stealing. So you will have players who come in not realizing stealing is not allowed so just be patient with them. And if you do get robbed the admins are amazing at solving that problem, you just have to reach out to them about it. Also Admins are happy to check your base to look for weaknesses. And yes, sometimes you will lose your loot and nothing can be done due to what's possible based of the limitations of the game's mechanics, but no system is perfect, and we are lucky to have the almost perfect system we do have. But on a PVE server loot is easy to come by so go get more! That's the fun part of Rust! 


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