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Forceable teleport for first-time players to community center with rules.

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Is there any chance of either a) creating a permanent teleport for first-time logins to a community center where the rules are clearly printed, and the only way to get out of the center is to input a code that you have to read the rules to find, or b) prior to a kick/ban, a teleport to a 'jail cell' where players have to read the rules prior to being released?


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wouldnt that take away the romantic magic of rust? spawning in, sleeping on a beach, only with a rock and a torch just to get chased by an animal right away...😆

my first spawn on an rust EZ pure server was like: "oh cool, a sleeper. lets joink his tools",  then staff posted the PSA about the rules, i felt bad, ran back, returned the tools and started to figure out how to make my own. only to meet somebody friendly who gave me food and answering my questions.

or imagine spawning in a jail where you getting forced to something straight away

theres plenty servers out there herassing you with a rules popup. if youre a descent human you find your way into the community. if not, staff shows you the way to the select server screen 

(purely personal opinion)

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feel like overt explanation of the rules will inherently lead to exploitation and circumvention of the rules. We all play Rust. We see horses and we think... I want to get that into the military tunnels, despite ever yindication that the game in no way allows that. Especially on PvE, we're contently pushing boundaries. And if we define what those boundaries are for other players, it may lead to the same behavior: find the smallest exploit and make the most of it. 

The push-pull cycle of griefing, theft, harassment, etc requires flexible rules on the parts of the admins, especially as each wipe cycle brings new features but also new bugs. 

Unfortunately, Wheaton's Law (don't be a d*ck), isn't comprehensive enough for the average PvP'er turned PvE'er. 

My counter-proposal is to make it as seamless and clear as possible for players to report people, as well as a solid warning system. Encourage people to take screenshots and/or video. And I think the support online system on this site is a really good step in that direction. I don't know if there's a "define" for that in game to direct people to, but I'm excited to see what we can do by empowering good players instead of chastising bad ones.

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