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AirTags or something like that


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I would like to see something i can place in things i misplace like my horse Pickles. when i leave Pickles just over that hill to hit a few more nodes and that hill looks just like the other hill and ooo look just a few more nodes and then i did not put down a marker to were i left Pickles and then boom i have to pop a mini to find pickles.  an airTag type of thing that i could place in my car or horse would be helpful when i pull up the map boom Pickles is just over the next square.


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On 1/8/2024 at 6:04 AM, TiffDust said:

i like the idea and i hear where you are coming from, there was some talk of horse whistles awhile ago which would be amazing. Did i read right in that we are up to pickles the 2nd at the moment?

Pickles the 2nd 🤣

But yeah I get where you're coming from even if we had a plugin to add a map marker when you "left" the seat of whatever your on would be cool to see it on the hud/map

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