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Bradley & Heli burn time


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I'm assuming you're talking about a Pure server? If so, I would find it unlikely that it could be nodded this way. However, you could report the theft. Get up in their face to get their name lol—don't worry, the fires actually give you a chance to do this to the vultures 😂. They then will be in your contacts as most recently seen, and you can mark them as "enemy" to make their name stand out in-game. Then either screenshot them, or better yet, start recording. On windows that command is win+alt+r. Call them out by @ in chat (this adds a time stamp to the message logs). Call them out in voice chat. Remember, they may be new and not understand. They may not speak English well. Then report it.

But I get it—loot getting stolen sucks. In the end, friendship can make it so much better: if you know your neighbors, then you can ask them to watch one side and you watch the other. They might even want to help with your next one... provided you get to keep the M2 if it shows up haha.  

AFAIK other players cannot steal anything from your crates on the modded servers. Instead, they are instanced to each player based on damage (and who threw the signal for Brad). If you cannot open a crate, you didn't do enough damage. However, the bodies of each are not instanced, (obviously). If you're after a body, well... you can do the same thing but if you wait a little, you can probably find a Brad or heli parth at some point later and just ask for one of their bodies. They're probably all in it for the sweet sweet guns. You can even ask if they'd be willing to drop anything they don't want from their instances boxes and end up with enough armored doors to double the HQM from a body. 🤣

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I think he was just saying that on PvE servers there is no need to have long burn times as, like 15min locked crate timers, it is about encouraging a PvP event.

It was nice when you could plant seeds under the fire to extinguish them but they've since patched that.

The locked crate times on Pure have been reduced to 1min without apparent issue on community server.

It's not overly long though, it doesn't bother me either way.

Do 3-4 Heli's and the last ones usually close to burning out by the time you get to it anyway.

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