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Appealing a ban

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Hello, i Clint Westwood was banned some time ago and wish to inquire about perhaps an unban? i have learned from my unjust actions and ways and will gauge each situation with players more harshly, I vow to stop being such a HUGE asshat and only maybe do it a little all determinate on situation. i still love this server and i miss the community and friends i made on there.

Thank you 


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  • Staff

Given the length of time that has passed, the ban has been lifted, but it will remain on your record.  You're being given one more chance to follow the server rules.  Please do not stray from them.

Take a few minutes before rejoining, and refresh yourself on the rules to avoid any chance of breaking them. If you are unclear on any of them, or aren't sure what is permitted, reach out to the staff and we'll be happy to clarify them for you.

Welcome back, and enjoy RustEZ.

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