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Bring back the /backpack please


Bring back the /backpack please  

57 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want good old /backpack to be back?

    • Yes please it was awesome
    • No cause??? Really what is your reasoning for saying no i wanna hear it :D

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What I like about the new one (the big one 😉) is that if you're looking into a box/crate and your inventory is full, you can open the backpack. Whereas before, you'd have to stop looking in said box and all it's content would spill out.

The only thing missing is a key bind for it, which honestly FP should have thought of in the first place. And I'd find it very hard to believe they wont be adding one, players all over will surely demand it. And if they do, bet we all change gestures "B" to backpack, hehe.

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I don't really mind the new Backpack, as I'm sure a lot of folks have wanted a base game one for ages. 
The thing that's making me a tad grumpy is that we're losing our little "ender chest", "aether", "cloud", "quantum" storage that was 100% safe from deaths. I rely on that a lot, particularly when running halfway across the map trying to find a single square foot of space to put a shack. Especially since you can't quite outrun zombies once they see you. 

If I remember right, VIP would give us a bigger /backpack in addition to the other perks, and we're just losing that safe storage apparently. 
Like are we just gonna lose the daily supply drop as well if Rust implements an NPC shop for it? 

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Weirdly I kinda like the new bags. I did love the fact we had a big-ol-bag we could save items in, mainly cause I would get stuck in a monument or something and if I died to an npc, I knew I could save a certain item. But sometimes having the whole big backpack felt too easy? I was a bit cranky at first cause I thought how are we gonna do this >< But over the day today its been ok. We can res right away and pick it back up. Even when a friend resses you, you can still pick it up and keep going. And I think we can carry more bags in our clothing slots, so tech if we wanted to transport a lot of stuff, or take friends loot back with us to base with teleport, we can, just a lil more nakie hehe

Wipe day, we could just plop in, run and run and run collecting stuff and have a lot of stuff with us by the time we got to base making time when we had found the perfect spot of land to call our own for a month. This time I spawned in with only 24 slots, and had to manage that while finding a base and shooting zombies in the head. Do I keep these seeds? Do I really want the table or learn it later? Felt a bit like mr burns on simpsons, ketchup or ketsup? xD

I heard a heli and rushed back into the supermarket to save my hide, rather than just shove all my gear in the backpack and stand around waiting for it to go past. It was that moment I remembered my first time in Rust (and it was Rustez too back then), Van and I had started playing (my first survival game, but he'd played Rust since alpha). We had to do the same thing, make choices on stuff, make sure we didn't die, look out for each other. 

By the time I had made it to my newfoundland for my base, I actually had more mats/ore/items that I actually needed rather than holding onto everything. Yes I love running K-MART shop and trying to help out those trying to find items asap, but it doesn't help if I don't even have the mats to build/craft with cause I'm keeping all the items for later.

I agree with Lord McGuffin, the b bind to make the inventory open with our backpacks open would be great! 

I personally didn't do F1 kill to return back anywhere, always just tele'd so I can't talk about that part.

I also kinda hope we get skins for the backpacks, so many awesome designs could be done! Tech everyone will be wearing them a lot in all types of rust servers, and the community makes some really cool stuff 🙂 Imagine cute backpacks, christmas ones, cool ripped ones, glowing ones, twitch drop style, gamer backpacks xD RGB backpacks! 

Oh and also as that it was a part of VIP perks back then (I joined back in late dec 2020 I think), not sure if maybe something else can take its place? Maybe a special VIP bag we get when spawning in or a large one right away? It could still be crafted by someone later, but having it right away might be something handy? (If I'm wrong, just say, haven't looked at the perks page for a long time)


EDIT: Yeah I can see what ShadowX116 means, I do miss having a safe bag if that makes sense? Even just for a few slots (gun, ammo, fuel etc). What if we die in a weird place and can't get anything back? Heli flyers can have all sorts of accidents over buildings, bases and mountains, water too. If we don't have that safe spot for a few items, we could lose a lot more than just the loot we've been running with. Kinda like having my scrap safe on me, maybe a safe deposit box or a keyring on us would be good?


EDIT 2: Oh and could we please (if possible) have the the sort/autocollect/loot-all buttons on normal inventory page? Rather than just if we open a container? Thankyou 🙂

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Adding extra, as another poster posted as I was still typing and I didn't see the reply til I had hit post :)
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My thoughts on the backpack situation, if anyone really cares.

  • The new backpack is fine, for players that are not VIP or Subscriber as it is similar to the default size of the classic backpack for those players.
  • VIP and Subscriber players should also have access to the classic backpack as well, as the increased storage was always a VIP and Subscriber perk Bonus.

Just the thoughts of a player who is always a walking warehouse.


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  • Staff

the large Backpack was never a listed VIP perk it was just a added bonus

VIP is a one-time payment and is valid on all RustEZ servers!

• Instant Crafting*
• Portable recycler* (/rec)
• Free daily supply drop (/vip)
• Orange username color
• VIP access to our Discord
• No fuel consumption for ovens*

* These perks are not available on our vanilla servers.

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I'm not very good at the scripting  so I need help.  When I place a backpack  on my attire rack It drops to the floor and will not allow me to pick up. I used the F1 command: buttons.backpack false   which made no difference. Is there a step by step instruction location for dumb asses  such as myself?  I am realizing how valuable this extra storage is.  Thanks mates.

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I voted no to the old backpack. The new one has the QoL bonus of extra storage, is able to be used at the same time as other containers and just feels right (subjective ++) as far as game balance goes. 

Death has already addressed the keybind and dropping on death (on the the ground, not onto him..) issues and even allowed you to carry an extra one.

The 12-slot can be crafted after minimal farm (sewing kits from barrels) and a teleport to the Tier 1 workbenches at OP or Bandit. Not too much delay until you have one.

In the suggestion forums somebody requested the military 28-slot be added to the special items tab on the /shop for those who want it Immediately. That could be considered for those who want Immediate big bag space.

I'm actually spending my Net Worth on teleport now, I used to F1-killaport despite millions of NW. That's probably a positive?

Anyway, the new backpack just feels 'right' to me, but I guess I'm just as happy on Pure as I am on modded so I'm probably just weird.

That's my reasoning anyway, since the poll asked for it. I guess from the 70-30 split in favour of the old /backpack, I'm in the minority here. I'm fine with either though so I'll be happy whatever happens 🙂

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