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New Backpacks, after keybinding fix


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@Death Just functionality feedback.

1) I understand how you open the main and drag/drop items into the secondary bag, but is it possible to be able to select the second bag in that screen and see what's inside? Currently have to exit the screen, switch bags, and re-enter with the keybind. 

2) Dragging clothing items into the secondary backpack unequips clothing you're actually wearing.

3) Thank you for the keybind reimplementation so fast. The only QOL thing I can think of from here would be for the moment when you're inside a container: we can see the container inventory, your player inventory, and also your worn/attached backpack. Is there a way to make hover-loot work there, even if it's a separate keybind specifically for hoverlooting things into the backpack? Especially with loot spawning boxes/containers, it feels like an ability that is missing since those loot containers naturally won't even accept hoverlooted material back from within your player inventory.

4) 'Loot all' doesnt function with the open backpack inventory

💖 Thanks to you and the team as always

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Working on #2 now. #4 is also in the works and requires quite a bit of refactoring of our sorting system. #1 was planned originally, and I even have it coded but decided at the last minute to make our QoL feel as vanilla as possible. The end goal is to show both backpacks under a single panel, but until then, I feel this is the best approach.

Here was the original idea:

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