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adela018 banned US Pure

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Offender: adela018  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 2/4/2024  10:13 PM
Length: 6 days
Reason: Harassment

More Info:  player was first warned on 2/3/24 for accessing another players base and authorizing on a TC that was missing items.

Later that night, a member of the team from the player that was missing items found out that adela018 was one of the names on the TC and retaliated against them. That player was dealt with accordingly, advised to ignore adela018 and adela018 was advised to ignore the team so that everyone could continue to enjoy the game.

Later that same night, a different member of the team asked adela018 if they could meet up to talk. They met at a neutral location and the teammate explained that they just wanted everyone to have a good time but there's a lot of tension right now and a couple members of the team were considering leaving the server. The teammate then offered adela018 a considerable amount of scrap and a 4mod vehicle to relocate away from the team's base since adela018's base was just up the hill from their compound. Adela018 accepted the offer and another player on the server helped them relocate pretty quickly. 

This same night, adela018 received a second warning for a comment made in chat. The warning informed the player that player disrespect, harassment, pornographic, homophobic, political, racist and controversial content is not allowed on RustEZ servers. They were made aware that these are bannable offenses and a future offense could result in their removal from the server.

Adela018 relocated halfway across the map to live with a new teammate. This morning, 2/4/24, adela018 logged on and went back to the area of his old base and built another base at the edge of the team's compound (screenshot below shows teams compound in black, adela018's old base in red and his new base in blue). When adela018 was asked about this, he said he wanted a base close to oil rig. As shown on the map screenshot, the red area is the location of adela018's new base with oil rig being at the far right; showing a large amount of area that would've provided a much closer location to oil rig than the one right next to the team they've been having issues with. Considering this and their history, a 6 day ban has been placed to hopefully curb the players behavior. I explained that they should use this time to familiarize themselves with the rules as any issue moving forward will result in a permanent ban on their account. I also advised that they should consider relocating upon their return to the server, mute the team and ignore them moving forward. I let them know that I also advised that the team mute adela018 and ignore them.




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