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Large Bags in the shop under Specialty Items


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Good Day, I would like to lobby to have large bags for sale in the Specialty Items next to the Remover-O-Matic. the implementation of the bags has been less than ideal. I have yet to find a large bag in any crate. I purchase some when they came for sale in the shop. It was shear panic and bedlam at the start of wipe.  I had no idea of this major of a change as i was not paying attention to what facepunch was implementing.  at the start of wipe i am picking up everything i can and not having space in my inventory for my store purchases was freaking me out as they just fall on the ground if your inventory is full.   I will start another thread on how store purchase should be delivered....

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I guess that's not a bad option if people really want it.

 It doesn't bother me personally that much since you can craft a 12-slot to get you by as soon as you get to a tier 1 at Outpost or Bandit with mats from a couple of barrels. Couple of barrels for the sewing kets, teleport, craft bag job done. I do understand that people are used to the mod and it probably came as an unpleasant surprise.

I'm not sure what the natural drop rate is for large 28-slot backpacks, but my experience has been around 1 every 20-30 military crates so probably in the range of 3-5%. 

I do share your frustration, I found one within the first 20min on Survival and a little longer on Elysium but I spent an entire day on Scourge, running sewer branch, train yard and water treatment, including parkour towers and green/blue rooms for mil crates and not one drop, didn't get one until the next day. Rng can suck.

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Sarne.net, they should defently add it to that screen and or have it only pop up if you have vip if they must, that way people still get vip for its perks and the no /backpack can be reinforced again. If they could add a command like /give large backpack x2 that we can use once per wipe only if your vip that would be great too.

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