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US Scourge ban - Ainfinite1

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Offender: Ainfinite1 Battlemetrics steam
Server: US Scourge
Time: 3:30 pm EST
Length: 11 days
Reason: Griefing

I was called to the server because of complaints of griefing on the build of a ship, upon investigating I found evidence of two players who had spawned an attack heli and then proceeded to grief a player's build with it. Looking at the player's time on the server and the number of hours they have spent here I do my best to try and understand a new player's thoughts and ideas, so considering that I have chosen to end your wipe early, You will be able to play again but not till the start of the next wipe. Please take this time to reflect on your choices and remember people put a lot of time and dedication into the builds they make. This is a community not just a game and we want you to be part of it, as long as you follow our simple rules. Though you have a "lesser ban" than your teammate, note that this is logged and will weigh in on further rule-breaking that you will hopefully not do.


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