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El_SaTaN Banned US Pure

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Offender: El_SaTaN Steam ID  BM ID

Server: US Pure
Time: 6/9/2024  2:05AM
Length: Permanent
Reason: Stealing

Player has been previously banned for camping. All of their prior warnings encouraged them to review the server rules and their prior ban, when lifted, listed out the server rules for them to review and gave them a few days to re-familiarize and ask any questions to prevent any further issues.

Today, while another player was using a refinery, El_SaTaN came up and stole the players wood. The player put more wood in the refinery so they could continue using it and El_SaTaN immediately took that as well. El_SaTaN admitted to this in chat, claiming they didn't know it was in use. Besides this being against the rules regardless of the person standing right there or not, as you can see in the screenshot, there is very little time in between the other player using it and El_SaTaN taking the wood.

Considering all of this, a ban has been implemented to prevent further disruption to the community.


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I wanted to make a little fun of him, he was a guy at the refinery, when he saw that the refinery stopped, he put more wood in it, I also took the 100o wood and, I gave him wood back. so if I gave him wood back, it is called stolen

I've spent hundreds of hours on the server and when you make a joke you get paid, I don't understand these robots if they've got their lives back, why are you still reporting



Edited by EL_SaTaN
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  • Staff

Taking another person's items and not returning it until they call you out in chat is not typically seen as a very fun joke for most people.

If everyone involved is laughing, it's a joke. If only one person is laughing, that's just bullying/harassment or in this case stealing. Regardless of you returning the items, you still took them without permission.

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