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BP Wipe Cycle


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Starting January 4th blueprints will no longer wipe monthly and instead will wipe every 2 months. This change is to introduce further progression and condition players to expect a wipe-less Rust in the very near future. With this, we can expect players to utilize the open market more instead of spending the entire wipe farming for blueprints that would otherwise be wiped the following month.

When we first polled the idea of keeping blueprints the results were neck and neck so I feel this change will not be as dramatic as I initially assumed and that the pros heavily outweigh the cons as far as maintaining player interest in the game long enough to make it to the next wipe cycle.

I hope you understand this change in the perspective of progression and if you care to share your opinion please do so below.

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I am happy to hear this and hope it will help towards preparing for a wipeless rust.

However, Personally I have been logging on, without much idea of what to actually do now?
With most if not all of the essential BP's Learned & a good ammount of supplies, I feel as if there is a lack of drive or goals to work towards apart from collecting & stockpiling more supplies.

I wonder what other players will spend their time in game doing?
What will motivate players to be eager to return at that stage in Rust?

All in all i think the majority will be happy 

If anyone has any suggestions of what I should personally work towards or ideas to keep motivation to play high let me know :)

Thank you
- Lee

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I would say build up a nice base, with an anti raiding policy on pure and survival  it's easy to make a very nice base. I've "based"  my designs on custom homes I'd like to make in real life, as an example. Also, focus on making shops and shopping centers. There will be plenty of newcomers who don't have bps that might benefit from a rich free market system. Setting up hotels might be a nice venture too. On a server like Pure or Survival I think it's easy to let your imagination run wild. That's my takeaway from Rust: building a society from just a rock and a torch lol


And there's always the quest for taking down helis and Bradleys.


At least that's my personal "blueprint" 

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