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Hello all, I'm Shacksi and this is my 10th year using that tag, how time flies! I'm a 28 year old from Illinois working through life as a 911 dispatcher. While this is my career now I was not always on this path. I spent 4 years of undergrad studying for a BA in English and ASL Interpreting along with a minor in Theatre. In my final semester I found out I had been accepted to a grad school in England to pursue my passion of writing. So I quit all of my Interpreting classes (I had 3 left) and focused on English. 

I lived in England for a year studying creative writing and dabbling in theatre on side side. Ok, maybe a bit more than on the side, it ended up taking more of my time than anything else I did there. My focus is in Shakespeare which happens to be a nice crossover topic for English studies and Theatre. I've also had the chance to be in a few films and publish a few books. I'm currently working on a rewrite of one book, full down edit of a second book, first draft work on a third book, and my wife and I are working on piecing together a novel we wrote together. I like to keep myself stressed and busy.

My gaming habits are mostly League of Legends. When my PS4 isn't being used for netflix I like to play Assassin's Creed and Dragon Age games. I started gaming on a Sega: Genesis, moved to N64, got a laptop in high school and started playing an MMORPG called Flyff, then discovered playstation in college. I didn't truly discover PC gaming until I was in grad school, but since then I have built my own rig and even competed in a few LoL tournaments.

I have a tattoo of the number 42.
Favorite color is green.
Huge Harry Potter fan. I'm a Slytherin and my wife is a Ravenclaw, we had a Harry Potter wedding. 

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