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Inactive Decay


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We're off to a very good start this month which raises some alarms for client performance in the future. Because of this, we've decided to implement an inactive decay system, not to be confused with decay or upkeep, which will only trigger decay for players who have been inactive for more than 2 weeks.

Of course, we've taken everything into account and have implemented the friend's system for players who are base sharing, which will bypass this system entirely, given the base owner has friended a player who is currently active. If the said player also becomes inactive then the decay will be triggered.

Due to Pure being unable to adapt to the friend's system, we've designed a special-access rank that will be assigned to players who contact one of our admins with concerns of extended away time from the game that prevents them from logging in within the two-week grace period. If you are able to, simply log in at least once every two weeks to avoid this system completely.

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