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Banned Kira Black


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Time: 1:25am
Length: Permanent
Reason: Server harassment
Notes: Player was muted for continuing a chat dispute despite being warned to drop it. Afterwards said player started to accuse the server of forcing players to buy VIP to avoid moderation as we did not ban another player who he/she accused of player disrespect. No moderation was fulfilled to other parties as no evidence of the encounter was visible in the logs.

Accused Player (A)

(00:25:35) | Skjaldmaer: I have a vagina. Do you want to talk to me too? Give me free stuff, Chris?
(00:26:12) | Skjaldmaer: You get... candied bacon ;)
(00:26:25) | Skjaldmaer: Oooh baby. I'm single, but I'm seeing 3 men. Fuck buddies are the best.
(00:26:39) | Skjaldmaer: If you're moistening... why would you need lotion?
(00:26:44) | Skjaldmaer: Bring it ;)
(00:26:55) | Skjaldmaer: I am far more than an asshole, honey.
(00:27:16) | Skjaldmaer: Oooooh I'll accept any woman ;)
(00:27:40) | Skjaldmaer: It's okay. I'll accept you. I'll accept you with trollific love.
(00:28:24) | Skjaldmaer: Ooooh. That burned? So bad that I wouldn't piss down my throat to put out my burning lungs.
(00:29:08) | Skjaldmaer: That's why you're so HAWT, Jetta.
(00:29:20) | Skjaldmaer: I love a nice Jetta motor. Great and easy oil change.
(00:30:17) | Skjaldmaer: :O
(00:30:32) | Skjaldmaer: Wow, I was in the car business... but damn!
(00:30:38) | Skjaldmaer: That was downright poetic, Ash.
(00:31:14) | Skjaldmaer: Yo, Kira. My chesticles will always outweight their testicles.
(00:31:25) | Skjaldmaer: She apparently does not lol
(00:31:49) | Skjaldmaer: I'm all freaking loose... where it counts
(00:31:58) | Skjaldmaer: please and thank you <3
(00:32:25) | Skjaldmaer: I know. I wrote it while my jail buddy was bent over.
(00:33:17) | Skjaldmaer: Sorry, dude. But hitting on chicks while asking for gear to give to the chics. Any decent female
(00:33:22) | Skjaldmaer: gamer would totally troll your ass.
(00:33:33) | Skjaldmaer: Bend over, I'll show you, Cider.
(00:33:43) | Skjaldmaer: Ooooh. You said 'hole'.
(00:34:10) | Skjaldmaer: You can buy them from an in-game store instead of asking for freebies.
(00:34:39) | Skjaldmaer: We all do that.
(00:35:21) | Skjaldmaer: If you are my peer, then that means you work for your shit, and don't ask for freebies.
(00:35:55) | Skjaldmaer: ......
(00:36:00) | Skjaldmaer: I'm really hoping for a better comeback.
(00:36:07) | Skjaldmaer: Mmmm. Juicy canned pears.
(00:36:21) | Skjaldmaer: Fuzzy navelsss
(00:36:35) | Skjaldmaer: peach juice running down my chin
(00:36:59) | Skjaldmaer: Oh, honey. A real man games alongside his woman. This whole stereotypical going 'out' on a Saturday
(00:37:08) | Skjaldmaer: night... that's for the unhappy peeps.
(00:37:23) | Skjaldmaer: That would be a gay man.
(00:37:43) | Skjaldmaer: I am gay for men. Love the dick.
(00:37:53) | Skjaldmaer: Death, can I be gay for you?
(00:38:16) | Skjaldmaer: probably not. I've heard MANY things
(00:38:26) | Skjaldmaer: Will do, Death <3
(00:38:37) | Skjaldmaer: Yeah, I'm sorry. I need to pick better opponents.
(00:38:58) | Skjaldmaer: Pretty fucking good. Just got back from LARP.
(00:39:14) | Skjaldmaer: PvP was beautiful. Not PC deaths today though.
(00:39:55) | Skjaldmaer: I run a World of Darkness LARP (Live Action Roleplay). If you want to join me on discord, I'll
(00:39:58) | Skjaldmaer: explain more.
(00:40:29) | Skjaldmaer: You probably shouldn't put it where it can get infected easily.
(00:41:01) | Skjaldmaer: I know ;)
(00:41:07) | Skjaldmaer: I'm downright adorable.
(00:41:20) | Skjaldmaer: Or just drink whiskey. A lot. Prevents cavities.
(00:41:57) | Skjaldmaer: My inner man loves my inner woman.
(00:42:28) | Skjaldmaer: It's very tiny. It's called... wait for it... a clitoris!
(00:42:55) | Skjaldmaer: Ooh! How'd you know my name was Caitlyn?
(00:43:22) | Skjaldmaer: Indeed. My 38Gs do give quite a bulge.
(00:43:41) | Skjaldmaer: Okay dokey ;)
(00:44:01) | Skjaldmaer: Join us on Discord. Seriously. We share pics quite constantly.
(00:44:45) | Skjaldmaer: ROFL!
(00:44:49) | Skjaldmaer: Death, mute me!
(00:44:57) | Skjaldmaer: Apparently Kira can't take a challenge
(00:45:23) | Skjaldmaer: I don't have kids. It's why I have a Skyla rather than a Morena
(00:45:41) | Skjaldmaer: Not pushing her. Just offering her a voice chat and possible pics on Discord ;)
(00:45:54) | Skjaldmaer: Good for you. I don't believe in spawning any time soon.
(00:46:10) | Skjaldmaer: I don't have any. Except for the ones I put in the pool..
(00:46:20) | Skjaldmaer: Though we do share pics of our fur babies on Discord.
(00:46:56) | Skjaldmaer: Why are you hung up on kid pics?
(00:47:13) | Skjaldmaer: T3 benches can be found at some stores and at the Motel.
(00:47:32) | Skjaldmaer: An Admin is heading your way.
(00:47:58) | Skjaldmaer: Nope. Not a guy. And not an admin.
(00:48:32) | Skjaldmaer: You have to go through the website.
(00:48:48) | Skjaldmaer: ^
(00:48:55) | Skjaldmaer: Yes.
(00:49:03) | Skjaldmaer: Except for Crafting. It's level 20
(00:49:30) | Skjaldmaer: Np ;) I don't mind helping people who don't ask for handouts.
(00:52:23) | Skjaldmaer: Damn. 1000scrap in one run.
(00:52:40) | Skjaldmaer: Thank you for buying at AA17 "Rusty Walrus"
(00:54:26) | Skjaldmaer: I'm decent to decent players.
(00:55:21) | Skjaldmaer: Correct. Sorry, Rain, but I had to step in when I saw what was going on.
(00:58:22) | Skjaldmaer: Glad to game with ya, SORD :)
(00:58:55) | Skjaldmaer: :O
(00:59:20) | Skjaldmaer: Is it salvaged, Bacon?
(01:01:16) | Skjaldmaer: Toxic tends to happen with rad damage.
(01:02:13) | Skjaldmaer: Honestly, the only reason I stepped in is because several players stated they were being annoyed and
(01:02:20) | Skjaldmaer: uncomfortable with Chris's behavior.
(01:03:57) | Skjaldmaer: This is true. I try not to be racist towards the chickens these days.
(01:04:06) | Skjaldmaer: :O
(01:04:10) | Skjaldmaer: All the deer meat!
(01:04:58) | Skjaldmaer: I make my own ;)
(01:06:04) | Skjaldmaer: They will with the next reboot :)
(01:06:12) | Skjaldmaer: Wooden signs. From small to huge.
(01:06:21) | Skjaldmaer: You need blueprints for Large and Huge though.
(01:06:31) | Skjaldmaer: Why? That's legit in-game size references O.o
(01:06:38) | Skjaldmaer: Check your crafting section
(01:07:11) | Skjaldmaer: You can upload jpg and png images to signs - thus picture frames
(01:08:35) | Skjaldmaer: Just trying to help you out, dude.
(01:09:11) | Skjaldmaer: ^

Logs of Accuser (B)

(22:41:58) | Kira Black: mhm
(22:42:07) | Kira Black: i have so much wierdness on me
(22:42:31) | Kira Black: im full
(22:42:55) | Kira Black: i mena litterally and i cant build here
(22:43:39) | Kira Black: so so so much better
(22:45:01) | Kira Black: yay
(22:45:59) | Kira Black: okie
(22:46:09) | Kira Black: nope im good
(22:46:17) | Kira Black: but i need owod
(22:46:23) | Kira Black: Wood
(22:49:41) | Kira Black: opps
(22:50:01) | Kira Black: ty
(22:51:00) | Kira Black: is there a way to get rid of a bush
(22:51:40) | Kira Black: what if its in my porch and i whine alot?
(22:52:35) | Kira Black: you were going to leave?
(22:54:11) | Kira Black: ohh yay
(22:54:19) | Kira Black: btw how do i get out
(22:55:29) | Kira Black: okies
(22:55:37) | Kira Black: ty ty
(22:56:17) | Kira Black: ohh i did npw
(22:56:53) | Kira Black: is the lock necc?
(23:01:03) | Kira Black: ok im just outside getting stone
(23:01:33) | Kira Black: im at your armored door
(23:05:57) | Kira Black: if i owned a rocket could i research it?
(23:06:19) | Kira Black: how many rockets = the tank thats not a tank
(23:06:40) | Kira Black: whats mates for 1 rocket?
(23:06:45) | Kira Black: *mats
(23:07:32) | Kira Black: i have 4000 gun powder and 100 pipes
(23:07:49) | Kira Black: she would?
(23:08:36) | Kira Black: that a bit wierd
(23:08:47) | Kira Black: so what would you need bacon to kill it
(23:09:37) | Kira Black: ok what do you need for say 5-7 rockets
(23:10:42) | Kira Black: rain is your store open yet
(23:11:22) | Kira Black: i spent all day looking for the right shoes to your party
(23:12:08) | Kira Black: ok where can i buy c4
(23:12:58) | Kira Black: does any store have c4 for sale
(23:13:18) | Kira Black: how much?
(23:14:26) | Kira Black: it says you cant make c4
(23:15:39) | Kira Black: yeah it says npo
(23:18:52) | Kira Black: i thought pve means player vs enviorment
(23:19:16) | Kira Black: then you can die in pve
(23:23:47) | Kira Black: i do
(23:23:58) | Kira Black: if you would have been patient i have them all now
(23:26:03) | Kira Black: where?
(23:32:44) | Kira Black: \ok i have been trying to consolifdate
(23:33:21) | Kira Black: i have so so so much stuff
(23:39:33) | Kira Black: i think it looks pretty bacon
(23:40:03) | Kira Black: fuel?
(23:40:12) | Kira Black: i have 11,00
(23:40:17) | Kira Black: 11,000
(23:40:46) | Kira Black: i was gonna sell it but apparently my store died on the vine
(23:41:34) | Kira Black: what i dont understand is if there is no decay why a tc??
(23:42:55) | Kira Black: is a pick axe a weapon
(23:45:09) | Kira Black: be well
(23:46:25) | Kira Black: home 2
(23:56:01) | Kira Black: hihi
(23:56:13) | Kira Black: yay ty
(23:56:26) | Kira Black: i have so much stuff idk what to throw away
(23:56:45) | Kira Black: ayre
(23:56:53) | Kira Black: i have 191 metal pipes
(23:56:59) | Kira Black: opkie
(23:57:29) | Kira Black: i have dozens of smg bodies
(23:58:36) | Kira Black: sure and what frames
(00:03:09) | Kira Black: i dont understanbd that concept
(00:03:58) | Kira Black: im not
(00:04:42) | Kira Black: hey chris can i ask a question
(00:04:50) | Kira Black: dont you have a store to open
(00:06:06) | Kira Black: see and me i went for it
(00:06:12) | Kira Black: i believed it
(00:06:36) | Kira Black: if you were kfdc you wouldnt need admins
(00:10:18) | Kira Black: i cant orginize
(00:10:27) | Kira Black: i have to much
(00:10:58) | Kira Black: it all here well here sorta
(00:11:07) | Kira Black: but its just im brambles ya know
(00:12:13) | Kira Black: in my house
(00:12:44) | Kira Black: all good
(00:13:16) | Kira Black: no
(00:13:23) | Kira Black: i just need to be smarter
(00:13:27) | Kira Black: wich im not
(00:14:08) | Kira Black: i think im only on on rust who has said holy hell im stupid
(00:19:27) | Kira Black: it wont
(00:19:40) | Kira Black: but try it it wont
(00:21:03) | Kira Black: what level is everyones minning?
(00:23:15) | Kira Black: its a trick
(00:23:45) | Kira Black: rain why did you promise me a party
(00:24:28) | Kira Black: i gathered my little metal and you ssaid we were having a party
(00:24:52) | Kira Black: ill still be coming rain
(00:25:02) | Kira Black: and now i have more time to gather
(00:25:28) | Kira Black: if you had c4 id appreciate that
(00:25:50) | Kira Black: Wait
(00:26:09) | Kira Black: that is a dick move i dont get enough attention so ill bag on women?
(00:26:35) | Kira Black: Skjal you are an asshole
(00:27:02) | Kira Black: bring what you are having a party by yourself with your peer acceptance
(00:27:32) | Kira Black: because women is the objective when you sit here on saturday
(00:28:01) | Kira Black: please troll? the only thing you are trolling is your iq
(00:28:25) | Kira Black: you spent 20 bucks and now are bitter your not getting you ass kissed
(00:29:30) | Kira Black: i love it, its text speak covered in insufficient
(00:30:44) | Kira Black: its ok skj use another few moments get a friend your manhood is here somewhere
(00:31:38) | Kira Black: i think the definition of female is loose on a saturday
(00:32:12) | Kira Black: pretty sure thats wrote on a jail wall some where
(00:34:07) | Kira Black: if i pay 20 bucks can i make the thing shut up
(00:34:45) | Kira Black: we?
(00:34:56) | Kira Black: we is what people add when they look for peer acceptance
(00:35:42) | Kira Black: if i was your peer i wouldnt be able to spell ..'sweetie'
(00:36:01) | Kira Black: :)
(00:36:30) | Kira Black: If you actually had hopes 'sweetie' you wouldnt be here on a saturday now would ya
(00:37:13) | Kira Black: it takes a real man to know real man
(00:37:25) | Kira Black: 'sweetie'
(00:37:34) | Kira Black: whatever you call yourself
(00:37:59) | Kira Black: im guessing thats not the first time you have heard that
(00:38:57) | Kira Black: you dont have opponents you just have another john
(00:40:38) | Kira Black: that leaves you out
(00:41:08) | Kira Black: if this got an easier it would be your house on the weekend ..wait its saturday
(00:41:41) | Kira Black: unless its skaj then its a man in charge of a woman all in one person
(00:42:07) | Kira Black: your inner man just has a dick
(00:42:41) | Kira Black: you and caitlyn ..heros all
(00:43:08) | Kira Black: im pretty sure the bulge gave you away
(00:43:19) | Kira Black: but if not the need to be accepted as a guy did
(00:43:39) | Kira Black: 38 g?
(00:43:44) | Kira Black: seriously?
(00:43:47) | Kira Black: hi
(00:44:06) | Kira Black: thats absolutely the im a man shit im talking about
(00:44:11) | Kira Black: 38 g lols
(00:44:30) | Kira Black: why why would you give a pic of your son
(00:44:45) | Kira Black: seriously
(00:45:09) | Kira Black: im the only one here who thinks maybe just maybe we shouldnt offer pictures of out children
(00:45:21) | Kira Black: i need more beer
(00:45:34) | Kira Black: your a guy ofc you have kids
(00:45:55) | Kira Black: dont show your kids
(00:46:22) | Kira Black: i feel like im on a diffrent planet
(00:46:45) | Kira Black: its usually good advice to not show pictures of your children
(00:47:11) | Kira Black: thats called reading retention
(00:47:18) | Kira Black: keep up love
(00:47:44) | Kira Black: and that guy
(00:48:22) | Kira Black: i dont think you are an admin and im pretty sure that holy hell dont show me your mess
(00:49:40) | Kira Black: ort aids tests
(00:50:44) | Kira Black: sorry was checking humane society
(00:51:51) | Kira Black: this isnt?
(00:52:07) | Kira Black: yeah stinky
(00:52:12) | Kira Black: wait wtf is stinky
(00:52:46) | Kira Black: now imagine what you could do with out sucking up to death
(00:53:38) | Kira Black: wait sto[
(00:53:42) | Kira Black: so its not right
(00:54:06) | Kira Black: so she talks shit and i use she lossely and more shit she talks more she makes but he is wrong?
(00:54:19) | Kira Black: agreed
(00:54:37) | Kira Black: I think she said fuck being decent last time she tried to spell
(00:55:00) | Kira Black: chris i dont have the bolt i gave you an ak?
(00:55:29) | Kira Black: well no reason is a bitch of a stretch rain
(00:56:31) | Kira Black: because wierd gargoyle came into chat then death did then everyone seemed to have some pulse
(00:57:14) | Kira Black: thats not what you said
(00:59:26) | Kira Black: ok im back
(01:00:27) | Kira Black: is that serious death or like something you say incase pepsi calls
(01:01:00) | Kira Black: no offense but i played here all day had fun last half hour is been just toxic
(01:01:35) | Kira Black: is that right?
(01:01:47) | Kira Black: its me offering pictures of my child?
(01:02:01) | Kira Black: no wait thats not me
(01:02:14) | Kira Black: it was me that said i sold cock rides?
(01:02:25) | Kira Black: no wiat thats not me either
(01:03:32) | Kira Black: thats not what you just said
(01:03:41) | Kira Black: and dude idc
(01:04:09) | Kira Black: wanna ban me do it but dont look for your manhood behind saj because that makes you weak and i have

The chat history for accused does not compare to the accuser A, therefore, no moderation was done.

Steam Chat Logs

1:05 AM - Death: Chat is out of hand, I'm not targeting you please understand that. When a lot of people get out of hand like that it's hard to moderate.
1:06 AM - Death: Just please understand I am trying my best to resolve this in favor of everyone.
1:07 AM - Kira Black: dude im reporting you to my bank
1:07 AM - Kira Black: you are on one hand asking for my credit card and on the other hand muting people who wont pay
1:07 AM - Death: I'm sorry?
1:07 AM - Death: I never asked for your creditcard?
1:08 AM - Death: I muted several people for continuing the conversation. I'm not targeting you please understand that.
1:08 AM - Kira Black: oh im sorry let me rephraze i have been asked 11 times sice joining that i could be vip
1:08 AM - Kira Black: i could be vip if i only gave my cc
1:08 AM - Kira Black: if i dont give my cc i could be muted
1:08 AM - Kira Black: my friend chris could be muted
1:09 AM - Death: That's absolute nonsense
1:09 AM - Kira Black: oh
1:09 AM - Kira Black: ok
1:09 AM - Kira Black: am i muted
1:09 AM - Kira Black: is chris muted
1:09 AM - Death: "If I dont give my cc I could be muted"
1:09 AM - Kira Black: nods
1:09 AM - Kira Black: thats what i told rust
1:09 AM - Kira Black: you are using your server ownership to press for vip
1:09 AM - Kira Black: if vip isnt paid your muting
1:10 AM - Death: Sorry, I dont quite understand your logic.
1:10 AM - Kira Black: because when i was told to suck someones dick they didnt get muted
1:10 AM - Death: You to were muted for making the chat toxic even after warned.
1:10 AM - Kira Black: when saj told me i was a dyke she didnt get muted
1:10 AM - Death: I did not notice that
1:10 AM - Kira Black: but she is vip
1:10 AM - Kira Black: ofc you didnt
1:10 AM - Death: If I would of seen that she would have been muted like the rest
1:10 AM - Kira Black: she is vip
1:10 AM - Kira Black: she paid you
1:10 AM - Death: Sorry, you're clearly not in the right mind frame so please do get back with me later.
1:11 AM - Death: That's now how we operate
1:11 AM - Kira Black: and your clearly using your adminstrative thought to force payment
1:11 AM - Kira Black: thats exactly how your doing it
1:11 AM - Kira Black: 71 shots of people talking about dicks
1:11 AM - Kira Black: about pussy
1:11 AM - Kira Black: about cunts
1:11 AM - Death: This was before chat was warned.
1:12 AM - Death: After chat was warned everyone stopped but you two
1:12 AM - Kira Black: about stealing and cheating and i cant fucking wait to hear what the hell you tell valve the reason i muted after the vertiable shit i sat through today
1:12 AM - Kira Black: cock races
1:12 AM - Kira Black: and stealing
1:12 AM - Kira Black: and links to pirate adresses
1:13 AM - Kira Black: but i needed to be muted because i will not fucking pay you
1:13 AM - Death: You were muted for being toxic
1:13 AM - Death: cock races implies to racing on chickens
1:13 AM - Kira Black: becuas ecalling me a dyke isnt toxic
1:13 AM - Death: I dont get what you mean by "links to private addresses"
1:13 AM - Kira Black: thats it
1:13 AM - Death: Again, I did not catch that part
1:13 AM - Death: let me check chat logs and determine if justice can be served
1:13 AM - Kira Black: mhm
1:14 AM - Kira Black: you do that and again im on my phone with my bank and with valve . i find your behavior to be crimanal at best
1:14 AM - Death: skj called you a dyke?
1:14 AM - Kira Black: your asking people to pay you
1:14 AM - Death: For muting you? Which has nothing to do with your credit card?
1:14 AM - Death: I don't understand your logic, sorry.
1:14 AM - Kira Black: and if they dont your using valve enforced tech to mute them
1:14 AM - Death: When have I ever asked anyone to pay?
1:14 AM - Death: Valve has no control over what we do
1:15 AM - Kira Black: when have you asked for vip?
1:15 AM - Kira Black: ohh but its valves server
1:15 AM - Death: Again, I wont explain this anymore, you were muted for being toxic and at no point were you told or implied you had to buy vip to not be muted.
1:15 AM - Kira Black: and valve can not and shall not enforce sexual discrimination of any kind
1:15 AM - Kira Black: wich calling me a dyke is
1:15 AM - Death: I checked chat logs and at no point in time did anyone call you a dyke.
1:15 AM - Kira Black: awesome
1:15 AM - Death: I will be happy to post the logs on the forum.
1:16 AM - Kira Black: dont need them we had them an hour ago
1:16 AM - Death: If anyone offends, harrasses or disrespects another player we act. In which case we did.
1:16 AM - Kira Black: disrepects?
1:16 AM - Death: Chris was muted for "Fuck you"
1:16 AM - Kira Black: you mean skaj hasnt?
1:17 AM - Kira Black: or offering photos of a child isnt?
1:17 AM - Death: He shortly after said his child was a feline
1:17 AM - Death: which is what saved him
1:17 AM - Kira Black: she and he used the word child
1:17 AM - Death: People commonly refer to their pets as being their "child"
1:17 AM - Kira Black: and people commonly say fuck you
1:18 AM - Death: Again, special circumstances calls for special moderation
1:18 AM - Death: Chat was unstable and was heading downward which is why the agressive approach
1:18 AM - Kira Black: special as in she skaj is vip
1:18 AM - Kira Black: she paid you
1:18 AM - Death: No, being vip doesnt pardon you from the rules
1:18 AM - Kira Black: heres the deal death you can make any rules you like
1:18 AM - Death: She wasn't muted because she stopped after being warned
1:18 AM - Kira Black: any
1:19 AM - Kira Black: but they have to be fair
1:19 AM - Kira Black: to anyone paying and unpaying
1:19 AM - Death: Here's the deal, I'll unmute you, just please stop with the toxic conversations.
1:19 AM - Death: Again, we do not adjust the rules for those who buy vip. Please stop bringing that up.
1:19 AM - Kira Black: and she called me a dyke i have like i said over 71 shots of people talking about dicks and cunts and oh my fav fags
1:20 AM - Kira Black: your issue now is with steam
1:20 AM - Death: Please, share those on the website
1:20 AM - Kira Black: i am
1:20 AM - Death: I'm looking in chat logs and see no such conversations
1:20 AM - Kira Black: i have posted 33 now
1:20 AM - Death: Talking about dicks is not against our rules persay
1:20 AM - Kira Black: no
1:20 AM - Death: Calling someone a dyke is, but as I said I dont see that in logs
1:20 AM - Kira Black: its not
1:20 AM - Kira Black: fuck you is if your not vip paid
1:21 AM - Kira Black: but hey im sure valve sees your discrimination just as it is
1:23 AM - Kira Black: im done i have registered my complaint and started my forum
1:23 AM - Kira Black: is it possible to remove my things as it seems unfair to naked
1:23 AM - Death: Just so you know, this chat history will be included in your ban post.
1:23 AM - Death: Have a good day.
1:24 AM - Kira Black: please do

You can view video proof of the entire encounter here:

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/218399261 (Encounter starts at around 01:15)

After making this report, I stumbled upon a ruined base owned by Diddler with a chest that contained a note which pertains to this incident. Not sure who made the note but it contains a transcript of Chris and Boop's chat.

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