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  1. Welcome to EZ -- glad you found us! Have some pants.
  2. Garrison frequently spawns with TC and/or crates in rocks, making it not fully lootable by players. (or) Garrison spawns partially along a rock allowing players to climb to second floor use 2x C4 and loot all (too EZ). Spectated both scenarios today on EU Scourge. One grid location was F27. Didn't note the other.
  3. On the Scourge servers, flame turrets can be used by players to take out wandering hordes nearby, and on other servers as base deco. There is always the option to recycle them down for extra mats as well!
  4. Aurora

    Hey all

    Hey ya, B1G70NY. Welcome to the RustEZ servers!
  5. Aurora

    Giga Factory

    US Scourge
  6. Thanks, will forward to the server admins.
  7. Hello, SanPedro! Glad you found the EZ servers. Welcome!
  8. #1 When resources exist in the tool cupboard (TC) prior to the base taking damage, the damaged portions will utilize the materials to self-repair. In the future should you wish to fix a building mistake, simply equip the Salvaged Hammer tool in-game and use it on the part of the build you want to fix (i.e. wall or foundation). The piece of the structure you hit will be removed. #2 Launch Rust From the left-hand menu select "Options" and verify the following: - Options> Streamer Mode: Off - User Interface > Show Hud: ON, Show Chat: On, Mute Global Chat: Off,
  9. TREES that is. Players reported it on US Pure, finding them in different areas of the map. Looks like a tree. Doesn't act like one though. Totally fake. Rust 2021-04-04 20-05-14.mp4
  10. * Armored Garrisons
  11. Player reported issue. Second time they have tried this tier and crates etc. were fine -- just no TC spawned inside.
  12. Potentially, you were purged due to inactivity:
  13. Aurora


  14. EU-Scourge: Tea Shop (By UberLoots) tea-2021-03-08 18-18-53.mp4
  15. EU-Scourge: Just Fuel (by Chezi) Just-Fuel-2021-03-08 18-15-32.mp4
  16. EU-Scourge: Pookies Chocolate Battle Pastry Shop AB22 (Admin Build). Pookies-2021-03-08 18-11-26.mp4
  17. Post an image or short video (or YouTube link) of your awesome neon signs for March and let us know the server it's on!
  18. Aurora

    Team Signs

    @ EU Scourge <3
  19. Aurora

    Aaaa hello!

    Hello and welcome
  20. Players have posted a couple times in Discord that the queue system for drops on US Scourge isn't working.
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