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  1. Build Contest Winners Thanks everyone the build tours was a lot of fun! ♥ You may request in-game prizes for this wipe or next (ask an admin on your server). EZ store credits will be deposited to your account, typically within a week. First Place - Spindelle: $10 RustEZ store credit Second Place - Anatomicalhearts: $5 RustEZ store credit Third Place - Lexi: 3x Supply signals Participant's Choice - wolfears & Gintahl: 3x Supply signals Discord Build Tours Event Prizes Spindelle - $5 RustEZ store credit Pikah - Steam key (delivered)
  2. That mod is on all RustEZ servers, with the exception of our Pure servers. Pure is a Community server listing, and as such, may not utilize this server mod. In some situations for raiding, stealing and theft, I agree: Based on your RustEZ profile and warnings on your account, you'd already have a ban if we implemented immediate bans for all these potential occurrences. I don't know that we'll actually consider moving to immediate bans for these situations, but I'm always open to suggestions and player feedback on these topics.
  3. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
  4. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
  5. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
  6. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
  7. Here is an update on this issue.
  8. Much fun . <3
  9. Aurora


    I paid 150 scrap for this car. Refund?
  10. Gintahl - EU-Pure (M15) LadyAlien - EU Pure (C7) RedsSunShine - US Pure (R13) Love - US-Pure (H20) Arachne - US Pure (z14) SweetBeef - US-Pure (F8) Anatomicalhearts - AU-Pure (Z25) OGMemberBerries - AU-PURE (G1) Mo15 - EU Survival (G11) Rose - EU Survival (J21) RosePnut - US-Survival (I1) Lexi - US-Survival (X7) wolfears - US Survival (P13) Cocaine Mitch - US-survival (F12) Spindelle - US RustEZ Survival (N14) Sik Six 6 - US-Scourge (P13) Love Shack Build Tours: Friday, February 19 (7 pm EST). Me
  11. Players are crashing with "Exception 000000~" when teleporting. Some are seeing red text on screens. (US Survival).
  12. Has power, doors do not open. Has been reported on different servers and for different monuments.
  13. Enabling traps (/event traps) during an event enabled PvP on the server. Players in the event and players not in the event were able to kill each other with weapons.
  14. Pro Tip: Don't turn off your chat when an admin is speaking with you in game so you get the message. Your ban will automatically expire in 6 days. As this is the second temp ban on your account in the few days you've been here, I strongly suggest you take the time to read the rules the next time you log in to our server. Any additional admin actions taken on your account will result in a permanent ban on our servers.
  15. Key cards deplete the when used in a stack. As cards disappear from inventory on last use, players are losing the entire stack.
  16. Agreed! It's not OK to hoard world spawn items and prevent others from enjoying this aspect of the game. if we see someone stockpiling cars, we'll remove the vehicles from their base (leaving an appropriate number for the player or team) to allow the cars to respawn in the wild. Car dealerships are a pretty big part of the player economy. We're using 10 as a guideline for shops and only if players automate it to ensure the vehicles can be purchased when the shop owner is offline. This also may change as we look at how many vehicles are spawning and the impact it has on gameplay and
  17. Thank you - this is really useful feedback for admins. We'll step up efforts to enforce the no camping rule and speak to players in-game who hog the garrisons, in the same way we do for other server spawn events (i.e. brad, heli, cargo etc) to make sure they are aware it's not cool to do this in a PvE community. I will look into this further to see what we can do to make the garrisons event more enjoyable and less campy.
  18. There are some servers with a low admin presence that is definitely noticeable. Hopefully, we'll see more apps come in to fill the available admin roles. Do we catch it all, 100% of the time? No. Absolutely not, but if you have an issue that isn't being addressed, you can fire off a message to me (or any admin) to discuss and to ensure we're aware of what's being missed or overlooked. I hope you and your team have found a good place to play – best of luck!
  19. An admin from your server (AMSullivan) checked but could not locate a backpack. In the future, you can post this type of request in #help on our Discord and tag the server. An admin might be available to help you sooner for something like this.
  20. Our racist and derogatory language rules apply to all members of the community and are enforced in all places where the community participates, including the server, our Discord and the website. Your temporary language ban will be automatically lifted after the duration (in 2 hours). Should you wish to play on our servers when the ban is expired, I recommend taking a few minutes to become familiar with the rules. Server rules are conveniently located on the game info screen prior to joining the server, by typing /rules in chat once you connect, and here.
  21. This is an admin cleaning up your efforts to bother another player on the server. The portion of your base that was removed is the twig section shown in the images above. This is the appropriate action that we would ask any admin to take in this situation. I've read through your complete chat log of this wipe up to the point you were banned. The ban action is a direct result of your own retaliatory actions and behavior towards other players. Do I agree with the 3-day temp ban? No: a minimum 30-day ban when you chose to purposefully harass and annoy the player near your location
  22. What server are you on (US, EU, or AU) @Yokin ? If possible, post a message in #help on Discord to report the player and tag your server so admins are aware and can look into it!
  23. BE MINE. Capture the longest distance hunting bow kill on a scientist in February and submit your combat log to win EZ store credits and in-game prizes for next wipe. Only your best distance will count for top 3 prizes, however, you may enter as many times as you wish for the GLHF prize. Winners will be announced in this forum thread within the first 48-hours after the March wipe. 1. COMBATLOG: Your screenshot must show the F1 Console combat log. To enter the contest, the following must appear in one line in your combat log: Target ID: Scientist (can be any Blue scientist
  24. Welcome to EZ, Amyrlin. Glad you found us!
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