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Twig Decay?


Twig Decay  

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  1. 1. Decay twig outside of tool cupboard range?

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Much debate has been had with keeping the streets clean, and the forests, foresty and we've come up with what I think is a good solution. The idea is to decay twig only if it's outside of your tool cupboard range. This way, those who still add in twig to their normal base design will not be affected, that is if they have a tool cupboard.

If you can spare a few minutes out of your day to vote and perhaps leave feedback on why you chose what you did that would be greatly appreciated! This would affect both Pure and Survival .

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Generally yeah, I feel this is a good thing.

However I can see a reasonable concern with how fast Twig might decay.  Last time I tried to build something fancy on Casual I had issues where some of the twig was literally falling apart as I had finally reached a point where I would be comfortable in dumping a stack of wood into a Tool Cabinet.  (Because decay is a standard thing on Casual.)  Prototyping in Twig is popular.  Having your prototype fall apart as your building it sucks balls.

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